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DecoratorField is an Orchard module.

It adds a new Field DecoratorField to Orchard.
Usage is mainly for decorating Custom Content Types edited in Custom Forms.
The usual way to improve a Custom Form design is by css, adding DecoratorFields to your Custom Content will provide more possibilities because DecoratorField introduces any display tag in your html.
This field has no input value, only settings you define when adding a DecoratorField to your Custom Type.

When your intention is to insert a single 'decoration instruction (ex: <div class='myClass'>Text content</div> you will insert only one text field and define its settings. So yours fields will look like:

<field 1>
<Field 2
<Decorator 1>
<Field 3>

But if you need to include several traditionnal input fields into an html tag you will need 2 DecoratorFields, one inserted before the group of fields, and the other after. The layout being something like:

<field 1>
<Decorator 1 ~begin>
<field 2>
<field 3>
<Decorator 2 ~end>
<field 3>

Each field inserted in a Custom Type must be completed by selecting
1) Its mode : full tag, begin tag or end tag.
Beware that in this version, for non full tag modes, no control is made on the existence of a corresponding field.
2) The html tag to use from the list
3) Any attributes for the tag: this is raw text edit an no validation is made.
4) a css class
5) a tag content (ex for a div: <div>tag content come here</div>)

In Display or Edit mode for the Custom Type (inside the Custom Form) only the selected html tags will be displayed.

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